Sutherland Shire Leisure Centre has three distinct car parking areas. Configure & separate the car parks via boom gate installations, swipe cards & windscreen stickers. A check of windscreen stickers and ticket displays could result in Infringement Notices issued (a check every 3-4 hours during the Leisure Centre's Hours of Operation).

Car Park 1 is located close to Rawson Avenue Sutherland. This car park should operate like a commercial prepaid parking area of $15 a week per car.
Car Park 2 is located opposite Sylvanvale Garden House. This car park would be free & for the Exclusive use of card holder members & Staff
Car Park 3 is located opposite the Safe Base Charlie (Army Base). This car park would have a combination of free & paid parking for the Centre's Visitor's. 

Car park 1. Currently used by State Rail commuters

  • Boom gate installed, prepaid users are issued with a windscreen sticker and a swipe card
  • Approximately 59 car spaces @ $15 a week X 52 weeks a year = $46, 020
  • Costing users approx $780 a year

Car park 2. Exclusive use for Members & Staff

  • Boom gate installed, windscreen sticker issued and membership card used as a swipe card

Car park 3. For Casual Visitors - 3 to 4 hour limit

  • Ticket machines installed, casual visitors must obtain a free parking ticket from the parking ticket machine and place on their dashboard for display. After the free parking time has expired, users must pay for additional parking.
  • Offenders to be issued with an infringement notice.

User Pays

  • Car park 1 could generate approximately $46,000 a year on the current estimates.
  • The incentive for users to park in Car park 2 could generate an increase in card holder Memberships.
  • Car park 3 would generate revenue for visitors staying longer than 3 to 4 hours.
  • Revenue would be generated by payment of infringement notices.