The GP exercise referral scheme has been developed to assist individuals overcome some of the barriers to increasing their physical activity by providing safe, supervised exercise programs.


Following your GP referral our ESSA (Exercise & Sport Science Australia) Accredited Exercise Physiologists will assess your functional capabilities and customise an exercise program to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. Qualified fitness professionals will supervise your exercise whilst helping you to build your confidence and motivation.

Our GPERS program comprises of:

  • Initial Assessment - Health Plan and evaluation.
  • 10 Supervised Exercise Sessions - Progression of fitness/health.
  • Reassessment - Future health and treatment pathway.

GPERS can help with;

  • Exercise and Lifestyle support.
  • Weight Management.
  • Osteoporosis and arthritis management.
  • Diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol control.
  • Cardiac or respiratory exercise prescription.
  • Optimise musculoskeletal function.
  • BMI >30 or Waist Circumference > 90cm.


The goal is to provide affordable allied health services to the local community. Private health funds and Medicare Care Plan offer rebates for Exercise Physiology and GP Referral Services. Please note, the fee schedule may change with each financial year.


Please phone Sutherland Leisure Centre GP Referral on (02) 8536 9706.
Source: GP Exercise Referral - Sutherland Leisure Centres


Sutherland Division of General Practice


Estimated number of practising GP's 231
(42% female)
Total number of practices 71
Population 220,210
Estimated number of indigenous persons 1,217
Population aged 65+ 30,599

This information was collected for the 2010-11 Annual Survey of Divisions.

Source: 214 - Sutherland Division of General Practice Inc. Profile